Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Whitehouse Solutions for my online order fulfilment?

As your business expands so do all the other areas. Increased orders mean buying more stock, needing more storage space and even employing staff. This is all very time consuming at a time when you should be concentrating on marketing your shop and purchasing new stock. For a fraction of the cost of employing staff and renting space Whitehouse Solutions can store, pick and pack your goods leaving you to handle the growth of your online store. We will work closely with you to ensure your business can grow more efficiently.

Can suppliers deliver direct to you?

We make delivering stock easy. There are no complex goods-in requirements, so your suppliers can ship direct to us reducing your costs. You will be notified of every delivery received.

Will you check my deliveries?

To keep accurate inventory, we count every item or case received and give a six-sided check for damage. This process allows our customers to claim for any damages or shortages from their suppliers at the receipt stage and sell down to the last item with confidence.

How do I keep track of inventory?

Our customers receive login details to our Warehouse Management System (WMS) where you can see data in ‘real time’ with easy to understand reports and charts.

Can I add orders manually?

Occasionally, you may require the despatching of a customer order that originates from yourself rather than through your online store. This is quickly and easily created through our management system.

If you are logged in, from the dashboard you can navigate to orders then input new order. From here you can add either by product name or SKU. You can then easily select how many you wish to be despatched.

How do I cancel an order if it has already reached your system?

Even after orders have been received you can still cancel your order free of charge right up to the point of picking. After that they can still be cancelled for a small fee right up to the time of despatch. Cancellation is actioned by raising a query directly into the WMS which then will not allow the item to be despatched, and at this point will be cancelled.

How do you handle back orders?

Back orders are handled automatically and processed on a ‘first come first served’ basis, meaning that as soon as new stock arrives this will be automatically allocated to the oldest orders and despatched to your customers.

If only part of the order is out of stock, we can split the order immediately despatching the items in stock and keeping the unavailable stock on back order, we can hold until the out of stock item arrives or cancel the items as required.

What about trade orders?

If you send out trade orders in case multiples, we will only charge per item picked so an order of say 10 items will only count as one, substantially reducing your overall costs.

Can I include my own packing slip?

Every order we despatch contains a packing slip. This can be customised with your brand, logo, address and return details. We can create this for you or you can add the details yourself. If you sell through multiple marketplaces we can even tailor different promotional messages that relate to each channel used.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are absolutely NO HIDDEN COSTS when you use our service. Our prices are transparent and you will be able to establish your total costs within minutes.

Our picking and packing cost is combined as one cost and there are no surcharges for labels, tape, or printing packing notes. We also do not have any minimum quantities that you need to sell so you will never be faced with any penalties for slow sales.

How do you charge for storage?

We charge for the space your product takes up and not the air around it! To achieve this, we store products in the most appropriate locations depending on the size, weight, type and rate of sale.

Is billing itemised?

All charges are listed and can be reviewed at any time simply and quickly from the warehouse management systems dashboard by clicking on Accounting and then Overview. All the packing materials we have charged for will be listed along with the courier service used, costs charged and all relevant picking fees.