Pick, Pack, Despatch 

You’ll stay in contact with our warehouse pick and pack team using the OMS. Every order we despatch contains a packing slip, which we can fully customise with brand logo, address, return details, and anything else you would like the customer to know. Our in-house team can create these, or we can use an existing packing slip. We’ll even tailor the slips, and promotional messages, according to the marketplaces you sell in.

Flexible, Fair and Fast

Our flexible policy means that pick and pack orders can be cancelled right up until the point of despatch, free of charge until picking. After this, a small fee will be charged. Cancellation can be actioned using the OMS, which will stop the item from being released from our fulfilment warehouses. We can also support wholesale and trade sales, and will charge for each ‘case’ rather than the individual items– substantially reducing your costs. 

We implement a Picking accuracy policy at Whitehouse, which means that we are committed to ensuring all orders are correctly picked, packed and fulfilled, a 100% pick accuracy policy. Furthermore, when things do go wrong, we take full responsibility and cover the cost of returning the item, and replacement shipping. 

There are no minimum sales volumes in our pick and pack warehouses, as we keep transparency with our clients and costs. All charges and costs are listed on the OMS, easily viewed via the dashboard’s accounting tab. All materials, the courier service, costs and picking fees are broken down in the overview section. 

We’ll agree a cut-off point for same day despatch on orders, according to products, volumes available and couriers used. Any orders we receive before this point are guaranteed to be despatched on the same day. 

  • Pick and Pack Fulfilment FAQs

  • What is Pick and Pack Order Fulfilment?

    Pick and pack order fulfilment is used interchangeably with order fulfilment. Our warehouse team will pick the items your customer has ordered, package them together and send them out.

  • My business has seasonal peaks, can you handle our busy periods?

    We have many years of experience dealing with seasonal businesses. From garden furniture businesses that have their busy periods over the summer to the surge of orders on Black Friday and the Christmas period, we can handle your requirements.

  • Do you handle returns?

    Yes, we offer a full-service fulfilment service which means that we pick, pack and send your orders out for you and if there is a customer return we can receive it back into our warehouse. For more information take a look at our returns management service.

  • Can you fulfil my Amazon orders?

    Yes, we have an integration from your Amazon shop directly to our order management system so we can easily process your Amazon orders without any manual input. Depending on your seller performance you can also offer Prime shipping.

  • Can you fulfil alcoholic based products?

    Unfortunately, we are not currently a licenced premises, so cannot handle or distribute alcoholic products.

  • Can I manually add orders to the order management system?

    Yes, there is a section dedicated to this within the portal as we understand that sometimes it’s easier to manage a complicated order on a customer’s behalf.

  • Can orders sent to the order management system still be cancelled?

    You can cancel your order free of charge up until the order is picked, ready for packing. After the order has been picked (and packed) you can still cancel the order however you will be charged the picking fee.

  • What happens with backorders or split orders?

    This can be customised within the order management system. If you allow customers to backorder products when they’re not in stock then we will dispatch them on a first-come, first-served basis as your products arrive at our warehouse. You can also set the system up to split orders so that the products that are already in stock can be dispatched, with the out of stock items being dispatched as soon as they’re restocked.

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