What Is B2B Order Fulfilment?

Trade order fulfilment is the process of sending large quantities of stock from your business to another business. Usually, this is a reseller or larger business that sells a range of products. This can also be known as B2B (business to business) order fulfilment, trade order fulfilment or wholesale order fulfilment.

The biggest difference in trade order fulfilment compared with sending orders to general consumers is that the total number of orders are lower, but the size of each order is larger. Rather than 10 small orders a day sent to individual customers a trade order could be one order a week with a 1000 items in each order.

For example, we receive Ooni pizza ovens direct from their manufacturer which we then store in our warehouse. Large retailers such as Lakeland and John Lewis then place an order of several hundred units which we then pack onto pallets and send to their distribution warehouse.

Our trade order fulfilment allows smaller businesses to supply major retailers without having to source their own warehouse and the logistics required to fulfil these orders. This allows them to focus on the business and keep it growing, without having to worry about order fulfilment.

Whitehouse Solutions Warehouse
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Our B2B Fulfilment Service

At Whitehouse Solutions, we are experienced in dealing with trade order fulfilment having worked with Ooni Pizza Ovens and Beauty Crop to deliver their products to large retailers such as Lakeland, John Lewis and Superdrug.

Retailers have a different set of requirements and needs compared to an average consumer ordering a single product from your website. These include increased account management, regular deliveries that arrive on time, the ability to quickly scale their order volume, and meeting their exact specifications and expectations. Efficiency is key when dealing with large retailers.

Our warehouse and support team has experience in dealing with these unique challenges.

Retailers may also want you to make sure your products are already labelled and barcoded to their specifications. Through our range of pick and pack value-added services, we can print and label each product to meet your trade customers requirements.

Shipping To National Retailers

Our experience within this sector means that we have invested in the expertise, equipment and partners required to successfully fulfil large scale trade, B2B and wholesale orders. This includes being able to shrink wrap whole pallets and partnering with delivery companies who can handle the size of these orders, while delivering them on time. This means we can guarantee delivery dates with your trade customers which keeps their inventory stocked and keeps them ordering your products.

Managing Orders

Our order management system (OMS) is designed to cater for both regular consumer orders as well as trade and wholesale orders. This allows you to scale up quickly with systems you’re already familiar with. You can create a specialist trade order portal on your website and directly integrate that with the OMS. You can also take orders directly via the phone, email or invoice and then input this manually into the OMS.

Warehousing For Bulk Orders

Our specially designed fulfilment warehouses across Suffolk and Essex are able to store large volumes of your products. We also have specialised pallet storage which means that when your products arrive from your supplier they can stay on the pallet ready to go straight to your trade order customers. This reduces your storage and pick and pack costs as there is no need for our warehouse teams to put individual items away when they arrive to then repack them onto a pallet.

Whitehouse Solutions Fulfilment Warehouse

When you outsource your fulfilment to Whitehouse Solutions you also don’t have to worry about inventory management or extra labour costs. Our OMS will track the number of items you have in stock and when stock levels start to run low it will notify you so you can order more.

B2B Fulfilment FAQs

  • What is trade order fulfilment?

    Trade order fulfilment is similar to general order fulfilment however trade orders usually consist of bulk orders of pallets of your products rather than a single item. Trade customers also have a different set of requirements compared to consumers which we can cater for.

  • How can Whitehouse Solutions support my trade order requirements?

    We have many years of experience in working with trade orders. We’ve partnered with Ooni pizza ovens who ship their products to retailers such as John Lewis and Lakeland. We also work with Beauty Crop to deliver bulk orders to Superdrug.

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