What Is Contract Packing?

Contract packing or co-packing can take many forms but generally, it’s the process of taking products directly from your supplier and then rebranding and repackaging them with your own branding. Contact packing can also include creating custom bundles from a variety of items, for example, custom subscription boxes.

Our cost-effective, responsive contract packing service is easily customizable, fast, and complete. From receiving and devanning, to labelling and compiling multiple components, we complete these in our facilities across Essex and Suffolk, cutting your overheads down.

Our comprehensive returns handling service means accepting the product back into our warehouse, checking it against pre-approved criteria, then re-stocking, reworking or held for your approval.

Contract packing order being packed

Our contract packing services



We can create and apply custom labels to your products such as barcodes that reflect the part numbers you advertise on your website. Our customers in the food and beverage sector usually require this service to add their own unique branding to a more generic product.



We can source and include custom inserts with all of the products that we fulfil. Inserts are commonly used to give further information about the product. These include discount codes on their next purchase, a new product you want to promote or just a simple thank you slip for ordering from your business. These can be sent to us directly for us to include in your packages or we can design and source these for you.



We can take delivery of individual items and collate them into kits according to your specifications ready for your customers to order. This is commonly used by our beauty and electronics customers. For example, collecting a range of creams for a skincare package sold on your website or making sure the correct plug is included for the customer’s country.


Quality checks with remedial work

Our incoming delivery team can quality check all of your items entering our warehouse. This can include making sure there is no damage to the outside cardboard packaging or making sure that the items are sealed properly. If one of your items fails the quality checks you’ve specified we can offer remedial work such as repacking the item into a new box or adding new shrink wrap.


Shrinkwrapping single products or multi-packs

Before shipping your items to your customers, our contract packing team can shrink wrap your products to keep them safe and secure in transit. The benefits of shrink-wrapping your products are that they are protected from any damp and wet conditions, are less likely to be tampered with along the way and can keep multiple items in the same package together. The majority of our customers that ship electronics, high-value items and food items all choose shrink wrapping.



Our collating service allows you to offer welcome packs, brochures and other literature that need to be presented in a certain order. The contract packing team will see what your customer has ordered and collate the literature into the appropriate welcome pack required.


Point-of-sale assembly

Our point of sale assembly service means you can go from our warehouse to supermarket shelves in one go. Our team can assemble a range of different retail-ready stands including free-standing cardboard display units, shelf-ready packaging and more complex permanent display stands.


Debranding and rebranding

We can receive items from your supplier and remove the original packaging and branding such as boxes, labels and barcodes, and then replace it with your own branded versions. This gives you complete control over the final branded item that’s then shipped to your customer.


Gift packing

We can create and pack a wide range of gift sets all year round in high quality, beautiful packaging. We have the ability to scale this up during promotional events and seasonal holidays. When the order arrives our pick and pack team will collect all of the git set items and the required packaging before assembling it into a gift box and shipping it to your customer.

At Whitehouse we don’t simply ship your product as it arrives from the supplier, we ensure that your customer receives your product packaged as you intended.

Contract Packing Service FAQs

  • What is contract packing?

    Contract packing or co-packing is the process of taking products directly from your supplier and then rebranding and repackaging them with your own branding. We offer a range of contract packing services.

  • Why use a contract packing service?

    The benefits of contract packing include saving time and money compared to doing this yourself, giving your products a branded, consistent look and saving space in your own warehouse/home. We can bulk order packaging and packing items with the discounts passed to our customers.

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