Whitehouse Solutions offers shipping container transport through a strong partnership with our haulage partner, to help manage your supply chain. Based close to the ports of Felixstowe and Harwich we are well placed to collect and deliver your container.

Built On Strong Customer Service & Sustainability

Container haulage is more than just picking up, transporting and delivering a shipping container. It involves complex processes such as synchronising with sailing schedules, port management systems and processes.

Our container haulage partner has built relationships with all the relevant stakeholders involved in the supply chain including the ports, customs officials and our warehouse team, as well as being a member of the road haulage association.

They also have the same commitment to sustainability that we have here at Whitehouse Solutions. All of their equipment is less than 3 years old and rated Euro 4 or above.

Containers on a ship
Lorry outside a distribution warehouse

Support With Managing Your Supply Chain

We know that getting your shipping container of goods from port to warehouse is not the easiest part of the supply chain. We are able to manage all of the standard sizes including 20, 40 and 45-foot shipping containers. If you have specific requirements then get in touch with our team and we can see how to best support your needs.

With goods destined for one of our warehouses, we can ensure they get to us on time, as it is as important to us as it is for you that your shipments arrive on time.

Flexible Container Haulage For Growing Businesses

Our flexibility means we can offer both one-off shipping container collections or we can support you long-term with our ongoing haulage contracts. Our logistics team is able to fully manage the process for you by utilising our strong partnership with our haulage company, providing flexible services with a strong customer focus, care and attention to detail.

Since the global pandemic, container traffic has heightened and with this comes more delays in the collection of containers at ports. Our shipping container transport services operate around the clock which means that your containers won’t be sitting idle at the port losing you money. This also ensures that your goods are ready for us the next morning so there are no delays.

Lorry trailer being filled with pallets with a fork lift truck

Shipping Container Haulage FAQs

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