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The First Step in Fulfilment

Warehousing is a key part of the fulfilment process and it’s one of the first steps in the journey to getting your products into the hands of your customers. We provide a complete product preparation service when we receive your product from suppliers.

The first step is to check the products for damage. This includes physical damage from the product being mishandled or moisture damage where the product has been exposed to liquid on its journey to us. If this is the case your account manager will be in contact with a range of options to find the best solution.

Once your products have been inspected for any damage they’re then barcoded and scanned into the warehouse. This links up with the order management system so you always know how much of each product we currently hold in stock. Once each item is scanned into the warehouse it will be stored in a dedicated area ready to be picked when an order comes in. You’ll receive an update once all the stock has been packed away so you know the status of your deliveries.

Multiple options, flexible to your needs

Within our fulfilment warehouses, we offer storage for both palletised and non-palletised goods and we only charge by the pallet, carton or unit, meaning you only pay for the space your product takes up. Our flexible nature alongside our vast warehouse space means that we can scale up your storage space at peak times such as the Christmas shopping season and then scale back down during quieter periods. We also don’t have any minimum or maximum storage lengths, unlike some fulfilment providers. This means you don’t have to worry about slower than expected sales bringing you extra costs.

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Strong links

We have multiple warehouses located across Suffolk and Essex, with our main office based in Halstead. Our locations across Suffolk and Essex have been strategically chosen due to their close proximity to key infrastructures. This includes the ports of Felixstowe, Harwich and Tilbury as well as road links such as the A12, A14 and M25 and Stansted airport for international deliveries. This makes it easy to get your products from your supplier to our fulfilment centres and then back out to your customers.

Secure and Compliant

Our secure, alarmed eCommerce fulfilment warehouses feature 24-hour surveillance and security patrols to keep your assets secure. They are also sealed and maintained to the highest standards to ensure our warehouses are food safe which our customers require.

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Technology for the right outcomes

Our warehouse systems integrate directly with the order management system that you use as our customer. As products enter the warehouse they are barcoded and scanned in so you can quickly check the stock levels of each SKU. For any perishable goods, we use a first in, first out fulfilment system which means that your oldest stock is always sold first. This ensures that stock doesn’t have to be removed from sale, impacting your bottom line. On request, we can also segregate the batches of each product so you know exactly where they’re going.

FMCG are our passion

We have extensive experience operating in wholesale, retail and consumer sectors, so we can facilitate order fulfilment in every aspect of your trading. Operating in both business-to-consumer and wholesale markets, we’ve worked with major retailers such as John Lewis, Amazon and Lakeland. We maintain high service standards in every stage of the fulfilment process, your products will be on time and on budget, every time.

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Our complimentary services

Our warehouse and logistics team go above and beyond the typical fulfilment provider which allows us to offer complimentary services including cross docking and container/delivery devanning. This ensures that your products are only handled by our experienced team who will treat your products like their own. We also offer a same-day palletised approach for priority orders, as well as short and long-term storage. This can be racked or block stacked, depending on how you’d like your products stored. Other services we offer include:

  • Consolidation
  • Palletisation
  • Labelling
  • Shrink wrapping

View more of our contract packing services.

Team of experts

Our warehouse team is part of our wider team of experts here at Whitehouse Solutions. Some of our warehouse team members have been with us for over 7 years and during that time they’ve passed on their experience to our junior employees. All of our warehouse team is employed directly by us which allows us to uphold the high standards we keep.

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Fulfilment Warehousing FAQs

  • What is fulfilment warehousing?

    Fulfilment warehousing also known as an eCommerce fulfilment centre is where your products are stored before they’re picked, packed and sent off by one of our team members.

  • Can I specify which warehouse my products are stored in?

    Unfortunately, you’re unable to request your products to be stored in one of our specific fulfilment warehouses. This is due to our warehouses being different sizes as well as being designated for specific products, for example, food and drink. If there is a need to use a specific warehouse then get in touch with our team to see how we can support your needs.

  • Where are your warehouses located?

    Our warehouses are located across Suffolk and Essex within easy reach of ports such as Felixstowe and Harwich as well as the M25 and Stansted Airport. The location of our fulfilment warehouses are:

    • Sudbury, Suffolk
    • Halstead, Essex
    • Witham, Essex

    You can view them on a map on our contact page.

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