Making TikTok selling simple

Here at Whitehouse, we prioritise your peace of mind, ensuring that your products are safe and secure and dispatched as soon as your TikTok Shop orders come in. We manage every aspect of your orders to eliminate the inconvenience and complexity, freeing up precious hours you can redirect into your business.

Connecting your TikTok shop is an easy process, and we support our clients from start to finish. We ensure that the onboarding process is quick and easy; with no setup fee and no minimum sales volume, we can help you expand your business on TikTok shop.

We take a proactive approach to streamline your business operations. We understand that the tasks of order preparation and shipping can consume valuable hours that could be spent on promoting your products to your TikTok audience. Our comprehensive service removes these burdens from your plate, allowing you to reallocate your time, energy, and resources towards areas of your business where they can make a more significant impact.

Delight customers with a seamless experience

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Want a seamless experience? Joining us will ensure that your customers will be happy from start to finish. With our many services, you can be sure you and your customers will be delighted.

Connect your TikTok shop

Connecting your TikTok shop with our order fulfilment systems couldn’t be easier. Our simple API integration sends the full order details to our pick-and-pack teams who then pack the order, print the shipping label and get it sent. Our integration passes back tracking numbers and dispatch information so your customers always know what stage their order is at.

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Pick & pack

The initial step of our process is receiving your order from your customer; we have highly intelligent systems to receive all your customers’ orders. Our highly experienced professionals will pick the products and pack them for you. Then, we will print out the required shipping label to finish the whole process.

Our TikTok pick and pack fulfilment services ensure that you meet and exceed their order shipping guidelines for sellers. We ensure that stock numbers are kept up to date so you don’t oversell, and all items are safely and securely packed.

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Shipped directly to your customer

After the pick and pack process, we will ensure that the packed goods will be carefully shipped with the chosen courier; we also automatically share tracking numbers with your customer. We offer a range of couriers including Royal Mail, DPD, DHL Parcel and APC Overnight.

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Fully tracked orders

Tracking is the main thing your customers will look at once they place their order; we all know the feeling of placing an order and constantly checking tracking to see where your item is and when it is arriving; therefore, we understand the importance of fully tracked orders. This is something that you can leave in our professional hands to deal with, as tracking numbers are automatically sent to customers via your TikTok.

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Here’s how Whitehouse helps your brand to scale with our TikTok Fulfilment Services

Here at Whitehouse, we have no minimum sales volumes, so however many sales you make, we are always able to fulfil them. Our service is perfect for TikTok as sales can quickly pick up and slow down depending on different factors. For example, if you have a sale, orders will likely pick up; therefore, you will be at peace of mind knowing this is all in hand.

We also offer a range of value-added services to enhance the customer experience and differentiate your TikTok shop from the others out there. Our value-added extras include:

  • Contract packing products
  • Applying custom labels
  • Creating kits using your individual products, great for beauty brands!
  • Shrink wrapping, great for electricals!
  • Debranding & rebranding


Order being packed

Why do businesses need 3PL (Third-party logistics) for TikTok fulfilment?

TikTok’s viral aspect is one of the main things that draws sellers to it. But with this, the possibility of receiving lots of orders is likely, so that’s where we come to help.
Avoid feeling overwhelmed, and ensure your customers an excellent service by using our services. From start to finish, we use our specialities and our expertise.

Why should I care about selling on TikTok?

If you didn’t already know, TikTok is all the rave at the moment; with its increasing popularity, this is a great chance for businesses to profit from it, especially those with Gen Z customers.

TikTok makes it quick and easy for customers to purchase products in the digital era of influencers; it is easier than ever for customers to buy products from their favourite influencers, showcasing products with trusted reviews, and unboxings.

Our Viral TikTok Sellers Sell Products In

Beauty and Cosmetics Fulfilment

Health & Beauty

Whitehouse works with various health and beauty businesses, preparing and shipping orders daily.

Pet accessories fulfilment

Pet Products

Pet product companies choose us for our efficiency and professionalism.


Outdoor living fulfilment


We ensure the correct item arrives on time, every time

Toys and games fulfilment

Toys & Games

Whitehouse offers services so you can focus on your other business needs.

Food and beverage fulfilment

Food & Drink

Our food-safe warehouses and first-in, first-out fulfilment means a long shelf life for your customers.

Subscription box fulfilment

Subscription Boxes

Our team can handle an influx of large, custom order volumes with ease

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