The clothing, fashion and apparel sector has unique needs that need to be taken into consideration during the fulfilment process. All fashion brands require the basics but luxury fashion brands need a provider that can deliver the same levels of quality, service and experience that the customers have already experienced in their buying journey. The UK fashion market is currently worth £54 billion in the UK and is forecast to grow by another £10 billion by 2026.

Our Fashion Fulfilment Services

We offer a wide range of fulfilment and value-added services specially designed for the fashion industry, with no minimum order volumes and a 100% pick accuracy policy.

Forklift in a warehouse

Clean, dry and secure storage for your clothing

Customers expect their clothes order to arrive in perfect condition which means that they are clean, smells fresh and are wrinkle-free. Our fulfilment warehouses have been designed to be clean, damp free and our 24-hour surveillance means your products are always secure when stored with us. We also only use electric forklifts in our warehouse which reduces a source of contamination and any unpleasant odours.

A range of shipping options

Fashion brands are looking for quick, seamless delivery that doesn’t cost a fortune. We have a range of couriers and shipping speeds available to cater to all of your customers’ budgets so you never lose a sale due to high delivery costs. For those that need a new outfit for a Friday night, we offer a range of next-day delivery options with agreed-upon cut-off times. We also offer more budget-friendly options such as standard 1st and 2nd class postage which can be great for those offering free shipping options.

Lorry delivery cage
Lorry trailer being filled with pallets with a fork lift truck

Delivering your products to big and small customers

Our experience with B2B fulfilment makes us the perfect fulfilment provider for those looking to get their products into high street retailers as well as directly through their own webshop. We have a deep understanding of how high street retailers operate and their fulfilment needs such as the need for efficiency, large batch orders and the ability to scale quickly. Imagine trying to pack 1,000 t-shirts and getting them to your retail customer within your allocated time slot!

Handle returns with ease

Customer returns are a fact of life for all eCommerce retailers however the fashion sector has the second highest number of returns making it all the more important to find a fulfilment provider set up to handle this. Our returns process is completely customizable to suit your brand, from free return delivery options to deciding what can be repackaged and resold. Our warehouse team will follow the criteria you set to decide what can be resold, what needs to be removed from sale and whether you would like us to forward items on to you for closer inspection. Our order management system captures information about the returns you receive so you can quickly see whether certain products are returned more frequently and the reasons why they are returned. This gives you valuable information and allows you to act on the feedback to reduce your return rates.

Items ready to be returned
Order being packed

Delivering on your brand promise

At Whitehouse Solutions, we do more than just get your products to your customers. We understand branding is everything in the fashion sector and we’re here to help you deliver on your brand promise. We can work with you to make sure that items are packed exactly how you’d like them and in your own branded packaging to create that perfect unboxing experience for your customers. As part of our value-added service, we can include custom inserts into each order with some brands now including scented cards for the ultimate experience.

Start small and scale up

Unlike other fulfilment providers, we don’t have any minimum order volume requirements which means you can start small and scale up as your business grows. This can be a great way to test the popularity of your new clothing lines, knowing that if they are a success we can handle increases in order volume. Our ability to start small and scale up gives you more time to reinvest in your business, keep up with the latest fashion trends and grow your business.

Warehouse Lorry Park
Order Management System

Real-Time updates from our OMS

Our order management system allows you to see in real-time the stock we hold for each item of clothing and size as well as the status of any orders or returns. Our order management system is fully transparent and breaks down all of the individual costs. With this information, you can quickly see whether you’re holding too much stock or how much your free shipping is costing your business.

Wide range of integrations

Our order management system integrates with a wide range of eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Amazon, Magento, WooCommerce and more. You can also have multiple eCommerce platforms feed into the order management system at the same time, allowing you to sell your products wherever your customers are searching. Our integration allows the platform to automatically push new orders to our fulfilment team who will be ready and waiting to pick and pack the order and get it shipped to your customer. This seamless process happens in the background allowing you to get on with your day.

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Meeting influencer-led demand

When working with influencers or if your product is worn by someone with a large social media following the number of people ordering your product can quickly spike. All of this can happen without warning and not all fulfilment providers are set up to handle this sudden increase in orders. Our processes are built around scaling with demand which allows us to meet these large spikes in order volume without compromising on the quality of our service. As long as you have the products in stock, we can get them packed and shipped out. Once you’re running low on stock the order management system will alert you so you can send more stock to our warehouses.

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