Is It Time For Your Business To Partner With A Fulfilment Warehouse? 

by Simon Bragg on 14th February 2022

Warehousing and order fulfilment is the bane of many startups and established companies. From finding the right space, to training staff and finding courier partners, the process of order fulfilment is time-consuming, difficult to understand, yet central to a successful business. Fulfilment warehouses could be the solution to your picking, packing and shipping needs.

What is a fulfilment warehouse?

Fulfilment warehouses, simply, are warehouses that take on roles in your supply chain, such as inventory management, order fulfilment and shipping. The space available to you in the warehouse may be customizable, so the space that you pay for may change subject to your businesses needs.

Many fulfilment centres will handle all of the communication with your customer, and will receive orders to be fulfilled without having to go through you, leaving you more time to focus on the other elements of your business. Your business will have the benefits of an already established pick-and-pack system and shipping partnerships, without compromising your control over the process.

The differences between warehousing and order fulfilment

As a business owner, it is likely that you are not looking to become an expert on shipping and logistics whilst running a completely unrelated business. Where warehousing means that managing order fulfilment comes down to you, fulfilment warehouses use their expertise to deliver this essential service in an efficient and cost-effective manner. That is, with multiple companies shipping from a single location, fulfilment warehouses usually offer better deals, with bigger couriers and more shipping options, for less. This way, you can reduce your costs whilst offering your customers a wider set of shipping options. They can also offer faster shipping speeds, easier return policies and round-the-clock communication to customers, giving them peace of mind.

Fulfilment warehouses can also offer a platform for growth into new markets that with self-owned warehouses can lead to heavy investments. Because many fulfilment centres offer storage by unit, or other smaller denominations, you can test new markets and demographics, whilst also benefiting from the regional expertise of your chosen fulfilment warehouse. For businesses just starting out, the scaleable size of fulfilment warehouse space means that your partner can grow with you, making more space available as your orders increase.

Is a fulfilment centre right for my business?

If your business is beginning to ‘outsell’ its inventory and being left in a position where you cannot fulfil outstanding orders, a fulfilment warehouse is the next step for you.

If your customers are looking for faster shipping options, with more guarantee on arrival dates and returns policies, a fulfilment centre will provide this.

If you are finding yourself spending too much time on order fulfilment, or your business is outgrowing its warehouse space, a fulfilment warehouse is right for you.

A fulfilment warehouse with eCommerce integration will ensure that not only will order fulfilment be stress-free, but it will also be fully traceable. The key to finding the right partner is knowing what you need from a fulfilment warehouse. Whitehouse Solutions is available to discuss your business needs, anytime. Contact us today for support with your order fulfilment requirements with no minimum order volume.


Managing a fulfilment warehouse

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