Improve Your Customer Experience With Order Fulfilment

by Emma Bragg on 21st June 2022

Order fulfilment is usually seen as a way for larger businesses, with high order volumes, to ship their products to their customers quickly, efficiently and without having to invest in their own warehousing, systems and staff. It’s also a hidden process from both the customers’ perspective as well as the business that is outsourcing their fulfilment.

This is why order fulfilment is usually just seen as a means to an end, getting orders sent out as quickly as possible. But if you scratch below the surface you’ll see that outsourced order fulfilment can enhance the customer experience and how your business is perceived.


What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience can be defined as the “impression your business leaves with your customers at each stage of the customer journey”. Simply put, what do your customers think of your business each time they interact with it. The customer experience can be influenced each time they interact with your business, this could include when they first visit your website, the first marketing email they receive, the checkout process and the arrival of the product.

A good customer experience will keep your customers happy and continuing to buy from you, a bad customer experience, especially if it isn’t rectified, means they’ll turn to your competitors. A poor customer experience can also translate into poor reviews which can then influence future customers.


How order fulfilment can enhance the customer experience

There are many ways order fulfilment can be used to enhance the experience your customers have when they first receive and unbox their product.

Delivery Options

As your order volumes increase it’s common for businesses to reduce the range of shipping providers and speeds offered. This isn’t done for the sake of the customer but rather to reduce the time spent packing and shipping orders. Fewer delivery providers and delivery speeds mean less time spent dropping off parcels at various drop-off points and less time spent purchasing delivery labels. With less time spent sorting out parcels, they are able to handle higher delivery volumes at the expense of the customer experience.

By partnering with an outsourced fulfilment provider you can offer a full range of shipping speeds and providers at no extra cost or hassle. This gives customers a choice in when their order will arrive and the price they want to pay for delivery. Not everyone needs everything the next day, especially if they can save a few pennies by opting for 2-3 day delivery. For those that need their items quickly, they can then opt for a faster option.


Packaging Options

Chances are you’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money making sure your product is the best it can be but have you spent time thinking about the packaging and making the unboxing experience the best it can be?

Here at Whitehouse Solutions, we go further than just picking, packing and shipping your products. We can support you with creating a custom packaging solution and design to really impress your customers. This extra touch enhances the customer experience at the end of their journey with your brand compared to a plain brown box. Another advantage of custom packaging is that it can help cut down waste, reduce shipping costs and reduces the carbon footprint of your products. This is a great value add for eco-conscious buyers.


A Personal Touch

We all like a personal touch where possible, especially in today’s modern, automated world where we spend less time interacting with each other. A simple thank you note on a branded compliment slip can leave a lasting impression on your customers, especially if it’s the first time they’ve ordered one of your products.

As a business trying to scale, this extra touch can start to take up valuable time when multiplied by the number of items you need to post each day, especially when you’re managing all the other parts of the business. We are able to source compliment slips, have them branded with your information and included with each parcel we ship. All you need to pay for is the compliment slips, or you can source these yourself and have them delivered to us.


A Simple Returns System

Websites that offer quick, hassle-free returns are the ones that keep customers happy and increase the average order value. If you’re manually having to reply to customer return emails and then follow up with a shipping label you’re creating friction for your customers and extra problems for yourself.

We make the returns process simple as we know that 92% of people would order again if they knew the returns process is simple and hassle-free. We’ve made the return process super simple for both your customers as well yourself with options such as:

  • Being able to offer a replacement product or a refund
  • Whether you want to offer free returns or not
  • Automatically sending out return shipping labels
  • Deciding when the refund is released to the customer
  • Once the item is returned to us (in resellable condition) we can restock it ready to be sold again or held for your approval.

This makes managing returns simple and easy for both your business and your customers as the order management system will take care of the process for you and your customers are able to self-serve.


Time to reevaluate your thoughts on order fulfilment?

The fulfilment process is relatively hidden and is rarely thought about when evaluating the customer journey however it can be the perfect time to make an impact. As one of the final steps the customer will take you can make a positive, lasting impression with them even if the first steps haven’t gone as smoothly as you’d like. If you’re looking to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction through your fulfilment process then have a chat with our team to see how we can support you on your journey.

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